Name Place Animal Thing Online game reminds us of our school times playing it on a piece of paper or notebook with pen or pencil. It helped us earlier to learn about different Name, Place, Animal , things to compete with our friends.
Invite your school and college friends whom you miss, to play this same old game played many years before with them.

14 thoughts on “Name Place Animal Thing online”

    1. You can Click on “How to play” button and it will explain the rules to play.
      Easy way to understand is shown as steps below:
      1. Create a Room and share the room code to your friend who has this game app.
      2. Once your friend joins the game, You can start playing.
      3. For every round, there it will show random alphabet and you have to fill each boxes with names starting with the given alphabet.

      Example Game: If the Alphabet shows as “A”, You should be fast to type details as below:
      Name – Arnold, Place – Australia, Animal – Anaconda, Things- Acoustic Guitar
      Then click submit button (Be Quick to Type and submit before your friend finishes the list)

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